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Explore Boston with confidence using our electric scooter rentals. Discover the top attractions and ensure a memorable, safe and worry-free ride through the city. Save time by not worrying about parking, trains, busses or traffic. Get around this very scooter-friendly city in a great way.  Don't waste your time commuting – make it fun and memorable!

Downtown Location

Downtown Boston's scooter rental hub offers convenient access to zippy electric scooters rentals, allowing visitors to effortlessly navigate the city's historic streets and iconic landmarks. Conveniently located steps from the Boston Aquarium, Faneuil Hall, and the North End!

199 State Street, Boston MA 02109

Cambridge Location

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, our central scooter rental spot provides an eco-friendly way to explore the city's vibrant neighborhoods, renowned academic institutions, and scenic riverfront, enhancing your urban adventure with ease and efficiency. Located minutes from Harvard, MIT and the Charles River. 

26 Central Square, Cambridge MA 02139

Embark on a Journey

Boston Segway Tours

Welcome to Boston Segway Tours, where we've turned the city's historic streets into your personal tour! Cruise through the charming cobblestone lanes, zip past iconic landmarks, and feel the wind in your hair as you explore Boston's rich history, vibrant neighborhoods, and cutting-edge tech scene. Our guided tours combine the thrill of segways with fascinating stories, making every ride an adventure you won't forget!

Many Neighborhoods to Explore on your Scooter!

Electric scooter rentals offer the optimal way to experience the charm and vitality of Boston, allowing travelers to effortlessly explore the city's historic landmarks, lively neighborhoods, and picturesque waterfronts with ease and fun.

Charles River Esplanade

Meander alongside the historic Charles River, crossing bridges, parks, and neighborhoods along one of Boston's most iconic and scenic routes running through the heart of the city. 

Downtown Boston

Ride along the bike lanes down the greenway as you explore Boston's North End, Seaport and downtown districts.

Boston's Emerald Necklace

1100 acre chain of parks linked by parkways and waterways throughout Boston. 

Back Bay

Exploring Back Bay reveals a captivating fusion of historic architecture, upscale amenities, and scenic landscapes. From its iconic Victorian brownstones to the tranquil charm of the Charles River Esplanade, Back Bay offers an enticing blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty.

Delivery Services

Free Delivery on Orders over $100.

$40 delivery (Combined Drop-Off and Pick-Up) on smaller orders.  Limit 7 Miles
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ID and Credit Card

Valid government-issued identification and credit card are required for rentals
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Large Groups and Special Requests

Special Request?

Call us at your 617-655-9095 or email at [email protected] to plan a special large group event with scooter rentals. 
Electric Kickscooter Stuff

Free Add-Ons

All electric scooter rentals come with a free helmet, U-Lock, charger and scooter bag.
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Where to find us

Downtown Boston

199 State Street, Boston MA 02109
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Where to find us


26 Central Square, Cambridge MA 02139
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Frequently asked questions

Explore the FAQs to ensure you're well-prepared to embark on your fashion journey with us.


  • We offer various electric scooters to suit your riding preferences, including standard entry-level scooters and longer-range models. You can choose from various sizes and ranges, ensuring you find the perfect scooter for your Boston adventure.

  • Our rental rates vary depending on the type of scooter and rental duration. Prices typically start at $25 per day. Each rental includes a helmet, charger, scooter bag and a U-Lock. We also offer optional add-ons such as delivery or guided tours for an additional cost.

  • You can pick up your rented scooter at our main rental location in Boston at 26 Central Square, Cambridge MA 02139. We also offer delivery services to any area in the main Boston area (7 mile limit from our shop). Delivery services are free for orders over $100. When returning the scooter, you can drop it off during our regular open business hours or lock it up to the bike racks in front of our shop and use the after-hours drop box for the key, depending on your preference.

  • While walk-in rentals are available, we highly recommend making a reservation in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. Reserving a scooter ensures that you'll have the specific model and size you desire, and it expedites the rental process on the day of your rental.

  • We welcome riders of various skill levels and ages. However, we require riders under 18 to have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. If you're a beginner, we offer an introductory tutorial lesson to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

  • Yes, we offer free delivery on all orders over $100. We can also provide delivery for smaller orders for $40 (Combined Drop-Off and Pick-Up). Delivery is limited to 7 miles from our location (most of Boston).