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  • Free Same-Day Local Delivery
  • Online Price Matching
  • Professional Service Center
  • Lifetime Diagnostic Support
  • Parts Warranty
  • Test Rides
  • Easy Communication
  • Trusted Brands & Expertise
  • 50% Off Electronics Labor

Brands we carry

Special Orders (Models not In-Stock)

Are you looking to purchase a scooter that we don't currently have in stock? Send us a message of the brand and model you'd like to buy and someone will get back to you shortly with how to order. We always price-match the online price.

Once the scooter arrives to our shop, we will assemble it and have it ready for you either for pick-up or local delivery on the same day it gets to us. And you'll have all the benefits that come from purchasing a scooter from our shop (see above).

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  • Highly Popular: We've repaired 3000+ electric scooters in Boston, we know what's out there
  • High Quality: We've opened up 1000's of scooters, we know what they're made of
  • Parts Warranties: Manufacturer must offer free parts for manufacturing defects within a minimum of 12-months
  • Easy to order Parts: So we can fix it when things go wrong
  • Reputable Brand: They're not an amazon special looking to make a quick buck and disappear
  • Great Value: We avoid brands that are over-priced and under-deliver

Yes, we can price match any scooter that we sell. If the price on our website or in the shop is more than a price you've seen elsewhere, let us know. Peace of mind with our Price-Match Guarantee.

Within 30 Days.

Unused Scooters: 100% Refund

Used and Damaged Scooters: 75% Refund

If the scooter has a major manufacturing defect within 30 days, we will replace the scooter with a new one. 

Each scooter manufacturer has a warranty on PARTS-ONLY. Most companies DO NOT warranty labor (*NIU exceptions below). Visit the manufacturer's website for specific scooter warranty information.


During the scooter manufacturer’s warranty period, we will diagnose the issue, communicate with the manufacturer on your behalf, obtain the part for free, but we charge for labor. We offer 50% off electronics labor prices for any scooter purchased from us. For example a motor replacement costs $100 for a standard repair customer, but would cost $50 if we perform it on a scooter purchased through our website or in our shop.  


NIU has the option to ship the scooter to their service center in Canada (free of charge). 


Physical accidents, wear-and-tear (i.e. flat tires, brake pads) and water-damage are not manufacturing defects.

Yes, we have extensive dealer relations and can order any model by the brands we carry. If you don't see what you're looking for, email/call us to let us know and we'll make it happen.

Yes, please submit your info and the name of the scooter you'd like to purchase: