Special Orders

Special Orders

    Special Orders are models we do not usually carry in stock in Boston but can be ordered for you. When the scooter arrives, we will assemble it, make sure everything works great, and then have it delivered to your home or available for pick-up from the shop. 

    Special Orders (Scooters we don't have in stock)

    Are you looking to purchase a scooter that we don't currently have in stock? Send us a message of the brand and model you'd like to buy and someone will get back to you shortly with how to order. We always price-match the online price.

    Once the scooter arrives to our shop, we will assemble it and have it ready for you either for pick-up or local delivery on the same day it gets to us. And you'll have all the benefits that come from purchasing a scooter from our shop.

    Brands that we typically carry and are dealers for are Gotrax, Hiboy, NIU, Segway Ninebot, TurboAnt, Uscooter, Fluidfreeride, Voro Motors, Minimotors, Dualtron, Varla, Apollo, Nanrobot, Innokim, EMOVE, Nami (don't see one on the list, just ask).

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