How to get your Scooter Delivered to you After a Repair is Complete:

Step 1: Reply "Request Delivery"

Step 2: We'll send you a payment link to pay

Step 3: Once we reply that your payment is confirmed, go ahead and order an Uber "Package" Delivery (it's cheaper than Uber Rides)

That's it!

See the screenshots below for more details and a step-by-step tutorial. Call us if you have any questions on how to do this: 617-655-9095

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Step-By-Step Instructions


When we text you that your scooter is ready, just reply: "Delivery Request"

Step #2

We will send you a payment link. Complete the payment, then reply "Paid".


Open your Uber App. Click "Services" then click "Package"

Click "Send Package"

Enter Our Shop Address and Your Address

26 Central Square, Cambridge MA 02139

Click Add Sender Details

Optional button

Enter Our Details

Name: BostonProScooter

Phone: 617-655-9095

Then click "Meet at Door"

That's it!

If you have any questions, give us a call at 617-655-9095


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